Gibson Heart & Soul

Our Heart & Soul collection is the home of Gibson classics. This is heartland Barossa, where single varieties and blends tell the stories of our family and place. Featuring both red and white wines, each highlight an insight to the people and places behind Gibson. What we hold dear, and what others have come to love over many years.

Gibson Pedigree & Pathfinders

Our Pedigree & Pathfinders chapter showcases our fine wines of structure and age-ability. Our premium reds with a history of being age worthy, we look to express special methods or special sites. Here, our relationships with generational grape growing families in the Barossa is on show, with treasured, old vine plantings contributing to wines of great complexity.

Discovery Road by Gibson

Discovery Road is Gibson’s playground - a space for creativity and experimentation across grape growing and winemaking. Weighted toward Mediterranean varieties new to the Barossa, Discovery Road highlights brightness and immediate drinkability. As part of our spirit of prospecting, we continue a keen-eyed search for what might be hidden, waiting to be revealed.

Special Offers

At Gibson, we love a special occasion. So, this is where you'll find deals and offers that are perfect for a gift, a dinner party or a special celebration. Check back often to see our latest deals and special offers.

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