Rob Gibson

      Rob ‘Gibbo’ Gibson is the namesake behind the brand you know and love. Chief wine guy, head of Gibbology and most importantly, The Dirtman.

      Gibbo loves nothing more than sharing his wine and enjoying the Barossan country lifestyle. Oh, and he loves the Melbourne Demons too, we can never forget that.

    • OWNER

      Anne Gibson

      Anne is the backbone of Gibson’s, particularly around pay day or when an invoice comes in. She has an eye for detail so is often seen patrolling the grounds. She is always happy to support the team where needed.

      Anne looks after the finance side of the business and keeps Gibbo in line, which includes him being in charge of the morning coffee run. She certainly has him well trained.


      Adam Fiegert

      He is the next generation of Gibson Wines with a rap sheet of 27 vintages and is the self-appointed ‘CTO’. That would be Chief Tasting Officer if you haven’t come across this one before.

      There isn’t a grape that’s arrived at the winery that he hasn’t touched, tasted and thought about. And of course, his dog, Moose, is never far from his side.

    • CEO

      Chad Elson

      In our eyes CEO stands for Clever Essential Optimist. Yes, we have renamed the big bosses title and we think it fits well. Every business needs one of these optimists around.

      Chad is the backbone of the Gibson’s corporate operations and the giver of surprise coffee deliveries which is appreciated by everyone, except Deb.


      Mat Lewis

      Mat is our guru of all things online and social – which gives him a great excuse for being on his phone all day. You’ll also find him helping out in cellar door when it’s busy.

      In the name of “research", Mat is on a mission to visit every cellar door in the Barossa. At over 75 cellar doors so far, we think his research must be going really, really well!


      Deb Hartigan

      Gibson’s official ‘go-to-gal’ for all things processes and systems. Deb started with Gibson’s in 2006 so it is no wonder she is the walking Gibson encyclopedia.

      There is not much that this lady doesn’t know. Except she doesn’t know how good coffee tastes. Something we will keep from her because it means more coffee for the rest of the team.


      Penny McNamara

      On most days you'll find Penny in our cellar door sharing a few tales and plenty of laughs with our visitors.

      When Penny's not in cellar door, she's generally cooking up a feast for the team, or spoiling us with delicious treats. We're not sure what we'd do without Penny's wonderful cooking - but we do know that we'd all be a good few kilos lighter!


      Victoria Collinge

      As her title explains, Victoria makes the process of buying Gibson wine effortless and convenient. The hardest part is opening the box when it arrives. Sounds pretty good to us.

      If you want to talk about something other than wine, then ask about her gin collection or her dog Blue. Vic is always delighted to have a chat with you.



      The real boss at Gibson Wines. We all know that is 100% true. And who is going to argue with that face. Not us.

      Can mostly be found moving around the winery to find the best sunny spot. Or your best friend when lunch comes out, particularly when Adam pops the BBQ on.