The reviews are in….

The reviews are in….

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate has been one of the world’s most trusted authorities in wine for over 30 years. So we were excited to have six Gibson Wines score 90 points or more in a recent review. Check out what Erin Larkin from Wine Advocate had to say about these wines….

2018 Bin70 Barossa Shiraz
Rating: 95+ Points
Drink Date: 2028 – 2042

“This was made with fruit from both the Eden and Barossa Valleys and framed by a great vintage: 2018. The 2018 Bin 70 Shiraz is a concentrated wine that needs more time to evolve. It harnesses the gray, sometimes austere, always alluring minimality and rockiness of Eden and tethers it to the bloody, earthy, evocative dirt of the Barossa Valley. The fruit rides this dual-constructed carriage and draws out across a long finish. The oak, at this stage, still encases everything, and the suggestion is to either decant this for an hour or two prior to serving or exercise some patience. A few more years prior to opening should assist in unlocking the fruit.”

2018 Australian Old Vine Collection Eden Valley Shiraz
Rating: 93+ Points
Drink Date: 2022 – 2037

“This 2018 Shiraz Old Vine Collection / Eden Valley is succulent and spicy, with layers of silty black spice, graphite minerality, crushed rocks and velvety fruit all splayed across a skeleton of fine tannins. Very, very good. Long.”

2020 Reserve Barossa Shiraz
Rating: 93 Points
Drink Date: 2022 – 2032

“The is a barrel selection of the Barossa Valley Shiraz made by Gibson wines and has spent 18 months in French oak. The wine is tannic and concentrated, thanks to the warm and dry seasons, but there is elegance here that transcends the sunshine. Featuring a cascade of purple and red fruits, the oak is the support system rather than the front runner. Very good indeed.”

2015 Bin65 Barossa Shiraz
Rating: 91 Points

Drink Date: 2025 – 2042

“The fruit in this 2015 Bin 65 Shiraz is vibrant and sweet! The nose has an autumnal leaf, dirt, black tea character, and as the wine moves over the tongue and into the finish, it undulates across a sweet jube, date character; all the while, the Eden Valley fruit throws in interspersed fractions of spice, minerals and crushed rocks. Nicely handled and certainly still very fresh, is it crazy to suggest that it still needs a little more time??”

2022 Gibson Burkes Hill Eden Valley Riesling
Rating: 90 Points
Drink Date: 2022 – 2032

“Fruit for the 2022 Burkes Hill Riesling is from Eden Valley, and it bursts with bright fizzy fruit and pithy acidity. This is all about lemon zest, spring flowers and green apples—all of it laced together with bright acidity. Not hugely complex, but it’s very pleasurable and really expressive of the beautiful vintage that birthed it. Gorgeous wine.”

2020 The Dirtman Barossa Shiraz
Rating: 90 Points
Drink Date: 2022 – 2032

“The fruit in the 2020 Shiraz The Dirtman is juicy and red and perfectly reminiscent of the red-earth feeling that the Barossa can evoke. It is through the finish that the tannins really show their gravelly side, and layers of blood and earth take turns in settling on the tongue. Very good, distinct, Barossa Shiraz.”

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