Vintage Report 2020

Rob Gibson provides a report on the 2020 vintage….

Rainfall…dry winter and dry growing season…very low yields.

Available moisture during season… canopies ran out of available soil moisture everywhere and even where irrigation was limited in the Barossa, slowing berry ripening.

Temperatures…quite a cold spring with frost and a cool march…not good for fruit set.

Varietal responses to seasonal conditions vary under cold and water stress…Shiraz and Grenache love it and Cabernet Sauvignon, Nero D’Avola and Merlot don’t benefit at all.

Yields were extraordinarily low again and harvest began with Riesling on the 26th February, as it was delayed through stress.

Eden Valley is always cooler by a couple of degrees which is significant, but soils don’t hold as much moisture for the dry years like this and defoliation results.

 The northern Barossa has lovely rich red clays which produce outstanding Shiraz grapes in years like this despite frost tendency. Lyndoch areas to the south are quite warm.

Low yield Riesling at Eden Valley is early ripening and inclined to avoid late season weather impacts. The Riesling was fine and delightfully infinitesimal. The wine was great though.

Great season for Barossa and Eden Valley Shiraz wines though.

Rob Gibson

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