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Vintage Report 2017

Vintage is the period from the first to the last harvest of grapes and the final completion of all fermentation. In 2017, that period for GIBSON Wines was from 1st March to 12th May, a period of 10 weeks.

The start was later than the last few dry years and at lower sugar content. On average it was a week late.

The Growing Season, September to March was cool to mild with the temperature index down by 0.4 Deg C and was wetter than average (170%), but nicely spread so no problems resulted from rain events.

The vines remained vigorous and delayed harvest because of the abundant soil moisture reserves. Winter (dormant season) rain was 76mm (45%) above average. See Weather detail below

The varietal wine components usually perform differently in a season. General comments are:

Pinot Gris:– first crop from the Rock Garden at Eden Valley, now a very special Rose due for early release.

Merlot:– very aromatic and varietal with good reassuring structure at this stage.

Shiraz:– lower in alcohol and classy elegance should suit market trends and show what the Barossa can do in that style.

Cabernet Sauvignon:– varietal and attractive due to the milder season especially at lower crop levels.

Grenache:– light but attractive

Lagrain:– first time and it’s very fruity and interesting.

Nero d’Avola:– beaut, vibrant berry fruit. Adam is very happy with this one.

Riesling:– stunning! Already in bottle, made under guidance of Australian Master of Riesling my friend Andrew Wigan.

Rob Gibson (16.5.17)

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