Vintage Report 2012

30/09/2011 – A good bud burst has now occurred on all varieties and some shoots are now 10cm long. We will put our organic sprays on when the weather fines up next week.

2/11/2011 – We’re 80 mm above average rainfall at this time. The humidity is giving good conditions for strong growth. The vines are about to flower and we seem to be free of frost damage. The potential crop is average to above average in most of our varieties and extra effort is planned in the areas of soil moisture depletion to control growth. Beauty in Shiraz at Burkes Hill – Eden Valley

14/11/11 Flowering underway in Eden Valley Riesling and Barossa Merlot…good conditions ..important time for establishing berry number and size and style at harvest…dont need storms or hail or disease now

18/01/12 – The colouring of the Red grapes is underway. Merlot at Isabelle vineyard is currently at 25% coloured and the fruit is in good condition. We are expecting thunder storms over the next week.

10/2/12 – Currently crop thinning 9.5 Merlot due to some retarded fruit because the Merlot looks great this year and we don’t want dilution from the seasonal variation. The Old Vine Shiraz is progressing well with deep black color and 11 Baume (20 Brix) of sugar. The flavors are now starting to show and if the weather predicted next weekend allows, we will have some lovely grapes to play with. Expect to harvest Pinot Gris from Kersbrook at 24 Brix next week or early the following week. Exciting!!

24/02/12 – Harvested Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris yesterday, currently settling and the juice looks good. Picked our first red ferment of Lyndoch Shiraz and came in at 14.9 Baume. Color looks excellent. Let’s see what the flavors are… A few hot days just when we start to pick. Predicted rain next Monday may hold us up. Into Merlot harvest next week from Isabelle vineyard.

03/04/12 – Shiraz harvest from the Barossa floor started on the 25th of February and finished on the 16th of March. Ripeness generally around 13.5 Baume. Aromas and flavours have been extraordinary and we can look forward to an outstanding Barossa Shiraz Vintage. Adelaide Hills Merlot was harvested 28th of Feb at 14.2 Baume, showing very strong varietal characters. Barossa Merlot commenced on the1st of March and was completed on the 14th of March. Barossa Cabernet commenced on 28th of Feb and finished on the 30th of March. Eden Valley Shiraz commenced on the 19th of March and finished on the 30th of March, once again Baumes were a little lower at 13.2-13.5. Petit Verdot was harvested on the 30th of March at low Baume. In summary, outstanding varietal characters for Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot and seasonal weather was quite favourable with rainfall below average for January, February and March.

28/09/12 – Well Spring has sprung this week. A burst of warm weather and the buds are all opening and shoots poking out for the 2013 growing season. Things always look so neat and tidy at this stage.

We will have a small crop of Pinot Gris and Merlot from the new bush garden at Eden Valley this year so that is exciting.

Dirtman Shiraz continues to capture everyone’s taste buds around the country…the 2010 has settled down beautifully .

The new 2012 Riesling is really lifted aromatically and is a delightful rival to the lake of Kiwi pee out there…give it a go…it is fruity and crisp.

If you insist on Sauvignon Blanc try our superior Loose end Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc with your calamari.

Don’t forget our Sparkling Merlot and big luscious Pinot Gris too.

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Have just got back from China where we enjoyed their great food and friendly banquets with our Merlot over there. Too bad our Chinese food isn’t nearly as good here!

Adelaide Good Food and Wine is coming up……

Looking forward to a big Sunday Funday on the 28th of October…whisper is I am another year older and will want to party that day. Someone’s gotta do it. Annie prefers to forget her birthdays.

Cheers to you in Spring. Rob Gibson

Take a little Spring drive over to see us ,we are open 7 days – 11-5pm. It’s absolutely beautiful here and you never know I might have our old wood fired oven going.

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