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Introducing ‘The Dirtman’ Shiraz 2021

Introducing ‘The Dirtman’ Shiraz 2021

It was only earlier this year that we launched our 2020 vintage of The Dirtman Shiraz and that sold out in record time. Now, we’re excited to release the 2021 vintage of this special wine, just in time for Christmas.

Proudly the most recognised of the Gibson Wines, The Dirtman Shiraz has won many hearts and minds over the years as a plush, generous Barossa Shiraz. Its consistently high quality is a testament to the ongoing relationships that we maintain with grape growing families across the Barossa.

Our selection for the fruit that goes into The Dirtman each year is a well worn process. After vintage there is a rigorous process of classification of the wine parcels which ensures vintage variations are taken in to account.

But The Dirtman is not all simply about flavour, power or weight. There are layers of complexity and vinosity woven in, through small batch winemaking methods. These include separating press fractions, some aerated fermentation and in-barrel fermentation. We also work closely with a local Barossa cooper to deliver us a suite of oak that both complements the fruit, but also adds distinctive aromatic and textural curiosities.

This new 2021 vintage is exciting because we had a good vintage where there were so many great options to use in the blend. The fruit expression was strong with lots of peach and mulberry characters and the more dry, backbone components were toasty and ripe. This wine will age well but is also drinking beautifully right now.

We believe that The Dirtman is a wine that transcends fashions and trends. This is the Barossa in a bottle and we’re incredibly proud to fly the flag for a style that puts our region on the map internationally.

Keen to learn more about The Dirtman?

Introducing ‘The Dirtman’ Shiraz 2021

Our Day with the Dirtman experience is an opportunity to join Rob Gibson personally, for an expertly guided full-day immersion into the Barossa. The day blends deeper vineyard, soil and wine discovery, with insights on how to ‘live like a local’. You’ll discover some of the region’s passionate food artisans, get access to special vineyards and vistas normally off limits to public, all whilst being treated to down-to-earth Barossa hospitality.

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