5 Tips For Enjoying Wine Outdoors

5 Tips For Enjoying Wine Outdoors

Whether it’s a camping getaway over the Easter break, an adventurous school holiday road trip, or catching the rays with some alfresco dining, Autumn is a season to enjoy the outdoors. 
Whilst the Gibson winemaking team is full bore into vintage during March, and a getaway a long way off, there are still special outdoor moments to be had. After the grind of a full day of picking, pump-overs and pressing, there comes the time where tools are downed, soul-nourishing home cooking is served, wine is savoured, and stories shared against the backdrop of a Barossa sunset.

So, we thought that this was the ideal time to share a few of our tips for enjoying wines in the great outdoors. 

1) Don’t forget the barbecue

Outdoor dining centred around the barbecue is hard-wired into our national identity. But for the sake of saving space in the car, don’t fall for the assumed safety of coin operated communal hot plates. You know, the ones scattered around caravan parks or esplanades. The cooking surface rarely gets hot enough for a decent sear, and grilling is impossible. 

Instead, take your own proper portable grill and pair it with the ultimate red for barbecue foods – Barossa Shiraz. And wouldn’t you know it, thanks our friends at Adelaide's Weber Grill Academy, we have the solution right here. 

2) No corkscrew, no worries

Wine bottles sealed with corks are less common than scewcaps these days, so the humble corkscrew is not as essential as it used to be. However, in your outdoor travels, if you find yourself with a beautiful old bottle from Gibson’s museum sealed with a cork, and no corkscrew at hand, we have the solution. 
A quick search on Google will uncover loads of quirky techniques, but our favourite for both efficiency and safety involves gently pushing the cork into the bottle. Learn more here.  

3) Carry proper wine glasses 

Plastic cups are a common site at many campsites, but in our opinion, nothing beats drinking good wine out of a proper wine glass. If you don't want to risk breaking your good glasses from home, there are now many unbreakable and shatterproof glass options available that are perfect for your camping kit. We recommend a stemless option that is less prone to spills when you're drinking outdoors.

Check out your local homeware store, or a quick search on Amazon will provide plenty of options.

4) Whether it’s white or red, travel with a wine cooler  

The temperature of wine can greatly affect its sensory properties (aroma, flavour and texture), so packing a wine cooler is essential for preserving the quality and taste of both red and white wines.

Australia's diverse climate can be unpredictable, with scorching daytime temperatures and chilly evenings. A wine cooler helps regulate the temperature of your wine, ensuring that your reds are served at their optimal (slightly cool) temperature, and whites are served cool, crisp, and refreshing. 

5) Pack Grenache as a versatile crowd pleaser 

We know it’s hard to keep everyone happy. But if you’re packing light, and need to limit your wine choices, Grenache is always a safe bet. 
With the versatility to pair equally well with a campfire stew to smoked trout, to a cheese board, Grenache is like a Swiss army knife. Foods, people, weather - Grenache can typically find favour. Even on the chances of you striking hot weather, Grenache can even been placed in an esky and served slightly chilled. 
Check out our latest vintage of Duke Grenache here as mighty fine option. 

We hope you find some of the above tips useful on your next camping trip or outdoor adventure. And, if you need a starter kit, consider our Barbecue Bundle that includes a portable  Smokey Joe barbecue and a 6-pack of Gibson Smokey Oak Shiraz.

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