Do more
with less


A simple philosophy

At Gibson, we are aware of the need to be a responsible member of the wine community. We make our living in agriculture. The Barossa region and associated townships are entwined in agriculture, being the centre point of which many families rely on for work, purpose, and social connection.

As such, we are bound to be mindful of environmental sustainability, as we go about growing fruit, making wine and bringing it to market.

Sustainability for us begins with a mindset – do more with less.

That simple philosophy is one held particularly by founder Rob Gibson, yet trickles down to all. We utilise his experience in geology, soils and viticulture to better understand how a waste not, want not approach can have a positive relationship to the natural environment.

Philosophy in action

Some of the ways we apply this are:

  • Harnessing solar energy, with a substantial 40KW Solar System at our Light Pass property
  • Rainwater used for toilets, office and cellar door needs
  • The majority of our wine shipper cartons made from 100% recycled materials
  • Dams used for the capture of run-off water at our Eden Valley vineyards
  • Low flow devices channelling precious water back to the environment at Eden Valley
  • A Laissez Faire (minimum input) viticulture approach in our own vineyards
  • Cleaning chemicals substituted for in-house made sanitizer
  • Sourcing fruit as much as possible from within our own region, to support our community and reduce cartage requirements

We know we can do better though.

As we slowly transition our wine business to the second generation, we are committed to explore new ways of building upon what we currently do, to ensure Gibson’s environmental impact is minimised.

A quality Tourism Accredited Business

Being QTAB endorsed recognises us as a professional, ethical and reliable operator, which delivers high quality tourism experiences.

The QTAB program is managed by the South Australian Tourism Industry Council, and we join the local Barossan likes of Pindarie, Elderton, St Hugo, Seppeltsfield, Barossa Cheese Co., Two Hands and Henschke.

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Apply intelligence instead of inputs


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